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Listed below are a few of the thousands of applications where Hypneumat has assisted the customer with their automation solutions.


Live Centers   Hypneumat developed live centers that a customer incorporated into their CNC operation to assist as a work support. These units reduced setup time and improved productivity.  
Pie Crust Application   Hypneumat units were developed for the formation of pie crusts in the food industry. As a testament to the durability of these units, this automated process forms pie crusts withstanding constant usage 7 days per week, as well as daily cleanup with water and cleaning solutions. (These applications require a chromed exterior with completely sealed construction.)  
DQ350 Pizza   Similar to the pie crust application, we have also provided sealed and chromed units to Pizza Manufacturers where Hypneumat units lift and rotate pizzas as toppings are applied. These production lines process hundreds of pizzas per hour.  
SP318 for Deep Hole Applications   Hypneumat is the only company that provides a unit with up to 18 inches of stroke. Our SP318 model is used for hard to reach features and deep hole applications.  
Blow Mold Trimming Unit   For the plastics industry, we have for years provided blow mold trimming units. These units trim excess plastic from bottles while simultaneously blowing air through the spindle to remove trimmed residue from inside the container.  
Flowdrill® Process   Hypneumat was involved in assisting Flowdrill® during the introduction of their unique drilling technique for the U.S. market.  
Heat Treat   Another application where the durability of our Hypneumat units stand out, is in the heat treatment process. Our units positioned at the bottom of a heat treat furnace, are used to lift and rotate parts into the heating zone of the furnace, and then lower these same parts into a quenching solution. It takes a well-designed and robust unit to withstand such harsh conditions with the temperature extremes of repeated thermal shock.  
Farm Implement   We assisted a major farm implement company with automating their drilling and straightening operation, allowing them to simultaneously straighten long tubes and drill multiple holes in one step.  
DQ350 EHB with Commander Head   We also incorporated Commander multi-spindle heads with Hypneumat feed units. Featured is a geared adjustable head with guide rod support.  
DQ36EHB with SNOW tapper   A SNOW clutch tap head coupled to a Hypneumat feed unit provides high speed, fast cycle tapping ability.  
Gantry Drill Units   Shown is a gantry system using Hypneumat feed units. This high productivity, multiple unit drilling system is utilized in the ad display industry.  
CZ Engineering, Inc. DeckMate™  

Our friends at CZ Engineering, Inc. utilize our 200 and 300 series feed units in their patented high speed Drilling and Screw Driving System, The Deck Mate™.  The following link will show additional photos and a video explaining this time saving system.

DeckMate Information