Hypneumat Hydra-Brakes


The Hypneumat “Hydra-Brake” is a self-contained hydraulic checking cylinder with optional push or pull type of operation. It’s ideal for providing a consistent and controlled stroke speed which is critical for many applications. Typically, the Hydra-Brake is mounted adjacent to or in-line with the tool or cylinder to by hydraulically controlled. Feed control is maintained through the needle valve adjustment in one direction, with rapid rate through internal by-pass in the opposite direction.

Stroke Lengths: 3” to 25”

Load checking to 1,650 lbs

Configurations shown in picture from left to right:

  • Pull Type “HB”
  • Push Type “HBP”
  • Threaded Nose Mount “HBN”
  • Deep-Hole Drilling “DHD”
  • Skip or Stop Type “SK” or “ST”

Fluid Type: Standard hydraulic or silicone (including food grade upon request)

Custom Hydra-Brakes are available upon request


  • Drilling (Skip Drilling, Deep-Hole Drilling) – Automatic
  • Milling
  • Sawing
  • Linear Slides
  • Feed Tables
  • Handling Equipment
  • Conveyor Equipment
  • Automatic Machinery
  • Impact Absorption Control