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Special Machines

Opposing Drilling Unit Machine

Drilling Unit

This Hypneumat Machine consists of 2 opposing DQ46EHB drilling units with ER40 collet nosed spindles, 3 HP VFD motors mounted on a 7’ long machine base wired with full controls and ready for customer’s part fixture. Application: drilling 21/32” holes in forged parts.

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Hypneumat 8 Spindle Tapping Machine

Comm Mach Frt

Shown is a Hypneumat Lead-Screw Tapping Machine with a Commander 8 Spindle 4-15 Series Multi-head. This multiple spindle head is powered by a LS46E Lead Screw Tapping unit, is fully guarded, includes coolant, head raising mechanism, floating tool holders, with controls and is ready for customer’s part fixtures.

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20 Spindle Drilling Machine

Hickenbottom WEB

Hickenbottom, Inc. needed a reliable replacement for an old drilling machine. Hypneumat listened to the client’s needs and delivered an idea to increase the company’s production with reliability and longevity that will last for decades to come. A RELIABLE SOLUTION BUILT FOR DECADES THE BACKGROUND: Hickenbottom inlets are utilized in a variety of commercial, recreational,…

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12 Station Dial Index Chamfering Machine with auto part ejection

Hypneumat Chamfering Machine

Shown is a 12 Station Dial Index Chamfering Machine built by Hypneumat, Inc.  This machine chamfers 6 holes on 2 parts at one time and automatically ejects completed parts into a bin after each cycle.  This 6 spindle Commander 500 Series multi head is powered by a Hypneumat DQ46EHB auto feed unit.  Machine output capability exceeds…

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Automatic High Speed Tapping Machine

Hypneumat Slant Bed Tapping Machine 2

Hypneumat recently built this slant bed tapping machine equipped with a LS36E Lead Screw tapper and Vibra-Flight vibratory bowl and part feeding magazine.  This machine will tap a 1/4-28 thread with unattended operation.  Full electrical and pneumatic controls, quick change floating tool holder and coolant pump were included.

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Bench Style Swaging Machine

Hypneumat Bench Style Swag Machine

Hypneumat recently built another swaging machine for a local customer’s aerospace application. This bench style machine will swag bearings, utilizing a Hypneumat DQ350EHB power feed unit and a Cabco Industries tri-roller tool. This machine was designed to allow for adjustability of time, force and depth of the swaging operation.

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Drill Press Conversion

Clausing Base With Hypneumat Drill Unit

Add new life to an old drill press base. Hypneumat mounted a DQ36EHB drilling unit with new controls and opto-touch sensors to an existing drill press base.  This provided the customer with a cost effective automated drilling machine.

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