Dual Tapping LS46E Units


This Hypneumat Machine uses two opposing heavy duty LS46E leadscrew tapping units with floating tap holders and is wired with full controls, ready for the customer to mount their part holding fixture.

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Hypneumat 8 Spindle Tapping Machine

Comm Mach Frt

Shown is a Hypneumat Lead-Screw Tapping Machine with a Commander 8 Spindle 4-15 Series Multi-head. This multiple spindle head is powered by a LS46E Lead Screw Tapping unit, is fully guarded, includes coolant, head raising mechanism, floating tool holders, with controls and is ready for customer’s part fixtures.

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Hypneumat Vertical Tapping Station

LS-400 Series Lead Screw Tap Unit - Hypneumat Ls46 Ctl Centreline

This tapping station consists of a Hypneumat LS46E Lead Screw Tapper and Centreline 6 spindle tapping head. A 7.5HP SEW motor is driving the (6) 3/4″ straight bore spindles at 600 rpm, roll forming 1/4-20 threads. These components are mounted on a Hypneumat fixed vertical weldment and the entire module will be integrated into a…

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Commander 500 Series 2-Spindle Drilling and Tapping Heads

Hypneumat 2 Spindle Commander Heads Powered By Ls350e And M200ehb

Above are 3 Commander 500 series 2-spindle heads, powered by 2 Hypneumat LS350E lead screw tapping units and a Hypneumat M200EHB drilling unit.  All three units are equipped with a 1 HP motor (1,200 rpm for the tappers and 1,800 rpm for the driller).  These drilling and tapping heads are setup with fixed spindle plates.

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