Automatic Drilling and Tapping

for Industrial Automation

Hypneumat, Inc. manufactures an array of automatic drilling units, tapping units and multiple spindle heads under the Hypneumat, Commander and Snow brands. Hypneumat also specializes in contract precision machining services offering multi-axis turning and vertical machining capabilities.

Precision Machining - Autofeed FX46 Hypneumat Servo Boring Unit

Autofeed Units

Our application specialists will assist in configuring our self-feeding units to suit your requirements.

Precision Machining - Multi Spindle 4 Spindle Multi Head Trs

Multi Spindle Heads

We have a large selection of multi spindle heads to satisfy your drilling & tapping needs.

Precision Machining - Special Machine Hypneumat 4 Station Automatic Peck Drilling Machine Trs

Special Machines

Hypneumat offers special machines for many drilling and/or tapping applications.

Hypneumat & Youth Apprenticeship Program

Youth Apprenticeship in Wisconsin High Schools is an innovative and impactful educational program that bridges the gap between classroom learning and real-world work experience for high school students. This program, offered statewide, allows students to gain valuable hands-on skills and knowledge in specific industries while earning high school credit. See the video showing Hypneumat’s involvement with this program.

Hypneumat listens to the client's needs and delivers solutions to increase their production efficiency with reliability and longevity in mind.

- John Weber. President, Hypneumat Inc.