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Right-Angle Milling Head

By Hypneumat Inc. | August 3, 2023

Shown here is a Hypneumat M350EHB unit with a right-angle milling head. The unit is powered by a 1.5 HP 1762 rpm brake motor and includes a push type hydra-brake…


10” Stroke Drilling Units

By Hypneumat Inc. | July 27, 2023

Here are four Hypneumat DQ310EHB drilling units with ER40 spindles and 2 HP 3600 rpm motors. The motors are mounted using our motor mount belt guard. Per customer’s request, the…


5 Drilling Units with Commander 850 Multi-Heads

By Mark Ricco | July 20, 2023

These five M style units are equipped with Commander 850 series multi-heads. The multiple spindles heads each include guide rods and five adjustable spindles.


FX34 with Counterbalance

By Hypneumat Inc. | July 13, 2023

The Hypneumat FX34 Ball Screw Rail Unit has 4″ of stroke, is equipped with a 1-3/8″ straight bore spindle, a counterbalance, and has servo motors for the linear feed and…


Billet Style 4-Spindle Head

By Hypneumat Inc. | July 6, 2023

Hypneumat made this custom billet-style 4-spindle multi-head for a customer’s application. This head is powered by a Hypneumat DQ46EHB auto-feed drilling unit.


Dual Tapping LS46E Units

By Hypneumat Inc. | June 29, 2023

This Hypneumat Machine uses two opposing heavy duty LS46E leadscrew tapping units with floating tap holders and is wired with full controls, ready for the customer to mount their part…


DQ500 and Commander 4-36

By Hypneumat Inc. | June 22, 2023

This Hypneumat DQ56EHB drilling machine drives an 8-spindle Commander 4-36 multi-head. The machine rests on a 54″ by 48″ table and uses a 5 HP 1200 rpm motor.


M200EHB with Air Motor

By Hypneumat Inc. | June 15, 2023

Shown here is one of our M200EHB series drilling units with a 1 HP 2000 rpm Gauss air motor. Air motors were utilized for this application because of their smaller…


Commander 8-12 with Adjustable Spindles

By Hypneumat Inc. | June 8, 2023

This Commander 8-12 series multiple-spindle head has 12 universal joint spindles. These collet style spindles can be adjusted for different hole patterns.


Three M Units with Tight Pattern

By Hypneumat Inc. | June 1, 2023

These three M-series (direct drive) units with varying lengths are capable of drilling holes at closer centers that would not otherwise be possible with our standard auto feed drilling units.…

DQ46EHB with Quill Stabilizer

DQ46EHB with Quill Stabilizer

By Hypneumat Inc. | July 22, 2021

A Hypneumat Quill Stabilizer option can be added to our auto feed drilling units allowing for a rigid tool feed to offset high side load applications. This also provides an…

Dual Tapping Machine

Dual Tapping Machine

By Hypneumat Inc. | July 15, 2021

Hypneumat Dual Tapping Machine with (2) LS36E Lead-Screw Tappers, (2) 3 spindle MH Series Multi-Heads, part holding fixtures, laser part presence and tap detection sensors, coolant tank, guarding, light curtain,…