Hypneumat Crew

About Hypneumat, Inc.

(Pronounced HI-NEW-MAT)

In 1942 Earl Putrow, a self-taught inventor living in Northern Wisconsin, was selling motors, belts, pulleys and tooling gadgets through his garage-based company, Putrow Industrial Supply.

Earl would display his wares at all key trade shows. At these shows, he would bring along a showpiece item he dubbed “The Hypneumat”. The Hypneumat name was cleverly coined from three existing words: hydraulic, pneumatic and automatic.

Putrow’s Hypneumat was the first high-speed automatic drilling and tapping unit. The invention is a classic case of the right product at the right time. Production plants in the 1940’s were looking to the power of industrial automation for time-saving solutions. The innovative Hypneumat fit the bill.

Within a year after developing the Hypneumat, the confident Putrow made a bold move and established a company by the same name, Hypneumat, Inc.

Since that time, Hypneumat, Inc. has developed into the leading supplier of automatic drilling and tapping units, which customers find in nearly every major manufacturing industry throughout the world. No other automatic drilling and tapping units can claim as strong and solid a reputation as the Hypneumat.

Over the years, the accuracy and durability of the units have been improved, and the same sturdy, simple design of Earl Putrow’s original Hypneumat is found at the heart of the more than a dozen basic designs and countless customizations available.

With the 2007 acquisition of the Commander and SNOW product lines and the addition of contract machining services, Hypneumat, Inc. continues to innovate and position itself to meet the many needs of its customers.

We pride ourselves on the well-trained craftsmen and journeymen machinists who work at Hypneumat. Personal pride and integrity are part of every operation, from order taking to shipping.

Youth Apprenticeship Program video thumbnail

Youth Apprenticeship in Wisconsin High Schools is an innovative and impactful educational program that bridges the gap between classroom learning and real-world work experience for high school students. This program, offered statewide, allows students to gain valuable hands-on skills and knowledge in specific industries while earning high school credit. See the video showing Hypneumat’s involvement with this program.