LS-500 Series Lead Screw Tap Unit

Stroke Lengths: 6″, 8″, 10″ and 12″

Tap Capacity – Up to 7.5 HP.

Production Rate – 6 cycles/min. with standard electric brake motor.

Multiple Operation – Same unit can be used for lead screw tap, air tap, drill, dwell, and deep hole drill operations thru electrical control cabinet modifications.

Lead Screw Pitch – 3 thru 40, and metric. Simple to change design.

Lead Screw – 1.75″ standard threading length. Up to 4.5″ threading length available.

Spindle Drive – From offset motor thru pulleys and belts to integrally mounted pulley on unit.

Unit operation – Air operated for rapid approach and return stroke.


Ls500 2d


Engineering Info & Drawings

ModelDownload 2DDownload 3D
LS500 Series Unit2D DWG3D IGS
LS500 Series Unit with 8609 Longitudinal Mount2D DWG 1 | 2D DWG 2 
LS500 Series Unit with 8426 Mount2D DWG 1 | 2D DWG 2 | 2D DWG 3 
LS500 Series Unit with 14708 Fixed Vertical Mount2D DWG 1 | 2D DWG 2 | 2D DWG 3 

Setup Sheets

LS500 Series Optional Spindles (PDF)PDF
LS500 Series Optional Spindles 2D DWGDWG

Additional information

Drill Capacity Steel (inches)


Tap Capacity Steel (inches)

6 to 12"