LS-175 Series Lead Screw Tap Unit

Tap Capacity – Dependent on motor horsepower.; 1 HP Motor with standard spindle; 2 HP Motor with heavy duty spindle.

Production Rate – 6 cycles/min. with standard electric brake motor. Up to 30 cycles/min. with special brake motor.

Lead Screw Pitch – 6 thru 56, and metric. Simple to change design.

Lead Screw – 1.75″ maximium threading length.

Stroke Length – 1.75″

Spindle Drive – From offset motor thru pulleys and belts.


Ls175 2d

Engineering Info & Drawings

Model Download 2D Download 3D
LS175 Series Unit 2D DWG 3D IGS
LS175 Series Unit with 18658 Sub-Base Mounting Pads 2D DWG  
LS175 series Unit with 1927 Longitudinal Mount 2D DWG  
LS175 series Unit with 1218 Column Mount 2D DWG  
LS175 Series Unit with 2937 Fixed Vertical Mount 2D DWG  

Setup Sheets

Model Download
LS175 Series Optional Spindles (PDF) PDF
LS175 Series Optional Spindles 2D DWG DWG

Additional information

Drill Capacity Steel (inches)


Tap Capacity Steel (inches)