Opposing Drilling Unit Machine

Drilling Unit

This Hypneumat Machine consists of 2 opposing DQ46EHB drilling units with ER40 collet nosed spindles, 3 HP VFD motors mounted on a 7’ long machine base wired with full controls and ready for customer’s part fixture. Application: drilling 21/32” holes in forged parts.

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Hypneumat 8 Spindle Tapping Machine

Comm Mach Frt

Shown is a Hypneumat Lead-Screw Tapping Machine with a Commander 8 Spindle 4-15 Series Multi-head. This multiple spindle head is powered by a LS46E Lead Screw Tapping unit, is fully guarded, includes coolant, head raising mechanism, floating tool holders, with controls and is ready for customer’s part fixtures.

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