Hypneumat Quad Drilling Units

Quad Hypneumat Drilling Units

Hypneumat’s 200 series quad drilling units are 4 independently controlled spindles integrated into one solid body construction. These straight bore spindles are on 3″ centers.

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12" Stroke Hypneumat Servo Tapper

FX312 Hypneumat Servo Tapper

The Hypneumat FX312 Ball Screw Rail Unit shown has 12” of stroke, is equipped with a 1-1/16” straight bore spindle and has servo motors for the linear feed and spindle. This allows for programmable synchronous control between the axial feed and spindle speed.  This unit can be programmed to drill, tap, ream, bore, mill etc… …

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Heavy Duty FX46 Servo Controlled Unit

Fx46 Hypneumat Servo Boring Unit 2

Hypneumat offers a Heavy Duty FX46 Servo Feed Ball Screw Rail Unit.  The unit shown is equipped with an ER40 spindle, 10 HP spindle motor, 6 inches of stroke, and has a thrust capacity of 1,500 lbf dynamic.  This automatic feed unit will perform a demanding tapered boring operation.   The axial servo motor allows for boring depth and feed…

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Drill Press Conversion

Clausing Base With Hypneumat Drill Unit

Add new life to an old drill press base. Hypneumat mounted a DQ36EHB drilling unit with new controls and opto-touch sensors to an existing drill press base.  This provided the customer with a cost effective automated drilling machine.

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Integral 3 Spindle Drilling Units

3 Spindle Drill Unit - S24ehb

Hypneumat has manufactured an integral 3 spindle drill unit with ER16 quick change tool holders and a 2 HP motor. 16 of these automatic drill units will be set-up inline on a gantry system to drill 48 holes in a row.

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No. You're not seeing double.

DQ46EHB Drilling Unit -HUBBELL MACH DQ46 LS36

No, you’re not seeing double. This 2 machine project was for a current customer in Mexico. Each drilling and tapping machine has an automatic DQ46EHB drilling unit and LS36E lead screw tapping unit, with controls and is ready for the customer’s part holding fixtures.

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High speed spindle options

Automatic Drilling Unit - S200 10K

Automatic drilling units with 10,000 and 14,000 RPM spindle speed options for drilling of smaller diameter holes. Check out the S200 Series Drill Unit with faster spindle speeds.

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