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Precision Machining Services

The same attention to detail and precision put into our Hypneumat, Commander and SNOW product lines are utilized in the machined components we manufacture. Our temperature controlled facility allows us to hold critical tolerances and provide a finished product that meets the customers’ high-precision applications.

For a wide variety of alloys, Hypneumat offers multi-axis turning capabilities with the following specifications:

  • 5 & 8 axis turning centers
  • Automatic bar feeders
  • Twin turrets/Twin spindles
  • Y-axis capability
  • Live tooling
  Bar Feed Diameter Range Max. Chucking Diameter
5 & 8 Axis Turning Centers 0.25" to 2.50" 10"
Conventional Turning Centers 0.375" to 2.20" 14.1"

Vertical Machining Centers: Working Area X-50", Y-26", Z-25"

We also have an expansive array of machines for lower volume production runs and prototype projects.

Additional services Hypneumat can offer: Anodize, Grinding, Plating, Heat Treatment, Passivation and Assembly.