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Lead Screw Tap Units:
LS-400 Series

Stroke Length - 6"

Tap Capacity - Up to 900 in. lbs. of torque.

Production Rate - 15 parts/min. with electric brake motor.

Lead Screw Pitch - 3 thru 40, metric right and left hand.

Multiple Operation - Same unit can lead screw tap or drill.

Lead Screw - 1.75" standard threading length. Longer lengths available.

Standard Spindle Configurations - Threaded, 2.50 in OD maximum; Straight blank, 2.50 OD maximum, Special Taper, 2.50 inch OD maximum; Straight Bore, 1.38 inch ID maximum; Morse Taper, #5 maximum; Threaded with pilot, 2.50 inch maximum shoulder; Collet, 1.25 inch thru 1 inch

Spindle Drive - From offset motor thru timing belt drive.

Unit operation - Air operated for rapid approach and return stroke.