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Ball Screw Rail Unit: FX-34,
FX-36, FX-38, FX-312

Axial Specifications:

Travel - 4" to 12"

Repeatability - 0.001 inch

Feed System - Rolled ball screw with preloaded double nut

Ball Screw Pitch - Five revolutions per inch of travel

Maximum Thrust Capacity - 815 lbf dynamic

Guide System - THK linear guides and rails

Belt Ratio - 1:1

Position Precision - 0.001 inch over 4 inch travel

Rear Way Cover - PVC coated nylon

Front Wiper Standard - Front Way Cover Optional

Integrated Over Travel Switches
• All options - N.O. or N.C, PNP or NPN outputs

Axial Motor Control - Servo (not supplied)


Speed Capacity - 5,000 rpm
Coolant through option
Belt Ratio - per application
ER Collet Shown - Multiple options available
Spindle Motor Options - (not supplied)
• Frequency Drive (IEC Frame)
• Servo Motor